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Ms. Magnus--i think this proposal is still a bit rough, but it is something that i haven't really done and am interested in, so i figured i'd take a leap because it's something i want to do.
Inspirations for proposal #4-Motion:

tumblr_l7yxjqDtEC1qbmt20.jpg (this is a repeat, but i mention it in my proposal.)
Its-a-Cinch-Carmen-Lillian-Bassman-19511.jpg (this is a repeat, but i mention it in my proposal.)



Suggestions for you, Annaleise! Also, look at David Allan Brandt (not sure if they are related!)
bill-brandt-31[1].jpg Bill_Brandt3[1].jpg Bill_Brandt4[1].jpg

Art 21: Sally Mann
I am extremely interested in the work of Sally Mann and this excerpt from the Art 21 video on Place was especially interesting because it showed an insight into her personal artistic process as well as her views on her own work. I found it especially interesting that she says she took pictures of her children because they were “just there”. She also said that she spent the majority of her childhood “running wild and naked”, so she was surprised when people responded negatively to the images of her children nude. She said that she wasn’t particularly interested in taking pictures of children, or really of anything, but that she found it important to preserve the moments that presented themselves. Her images seem so etherial it completely amazed me to know that they really weren’t posed. Her kids say that she would occasionally tell them to freeze what they were doing so she could take a picture. Capturing some of the more “difficult” images required traveling to specific places (like the image below), but generally she captured real moments. I think this makes the images even more sublime and unique because Mann was able to capture a moment that may have seemed quite ordinary, but once it went through her photographic process it ended up looking so surreal. I also love her apparent connection with and appreciation of nature in her work. Her ability to translate the natural beauty of the South in her landscapes into her distinctive style gives an insight into how she must see the landscape in her minds eye. I learned a lot about Sally Mann as an artist and a person in this segment, but also got some artistic inspiration for using lighting and different ways to manipulate that light in my images.

Art 21: Place (feat. Sally Mann)

picture-31.jpg Sally Mann, Immediate Family Series
Sally+Mann+Immediate+Family.jpg Sally Mann, Immediate Family Series

30661.jpg Sally Mann, Deep South Series

Inspirations for Project #3: Figures & Forms

tumblr_l7yxja2GId1qbmt20.jpg Sally Mann

I think this is Sally Mann also, but I accidentally didn't save the info on this one...

weston_charis.jpg Edward Weston

This is Lillian Bassman. I think this one is more narrative driven, but still seems very abstract to me.

Inspirations for Proj. 2:
simmons_house.jpg Simmons -House

artwork_images_117084_186327_annie-leibovitz.jpg Annie Leibovitz

sherman11.jpg Cindy Sherman

Photography Proposal 2
Annaleise G.
For this project I would like to continue to develop my ability to create a narrative in my work by merging my photographic work with my English assignment to show a modern interpretation of selected scenes from Sense & Sensibility. I hope to incorporate a major theme in the novel into the tone of the image. One major theme is the contrast between the main characters, Elinor and Marianne Dashwood, and their embodiment of sense or sensibility. I will focus in on two scenes that really exhibit either Elinor’s sense, or Marianne’s sensibility. I plan on making the images overdramatic, especially for Marianne since her character is so overly emotional, spontaneous and impulsive. I will use dramatic lighting and color to create the mood of my image. For example, in a scene describing how Marianne and her beau, Willoughby, are very attached to each other I think of a portrait of a typical high school girl on the phone, twirling her hair in her fingers; or a scene when they are playing cards I could take a portrait of a girl playing cards but looking off as if she is focused completely on someone out of the scene. In a scene where Marianne is writing Willoughby a letter, I could create an interesting image with the focus on the letter the girl is writing, with her hand in selective focus and her body/face a bit blurred (showing the importance of the words she is writing).
When I think of Elinor’s character, I think of her extreme restraint, sense of social responsibility and concern for others. I think of a much less literal interpretation of Elinor. Because of her restraint, it makes me think about what is going on behind the scenes in her head. Elinor’s character reminds me of an image I took last semester, with the girl ‘pulling’ the words out of her mouth and then written into the image by hand. I could take a portrait of a girl holding her mouth with ‘thoughts’ written in around her head that she is holding back.
Another major theme is the role of wealth and status. The comical character Fanny Dashwood is completely immersed in her own greed. She has many comical quotes about how she cannot give anything to her rather needy sisters-in-law because it would be at the expense of her own family. For this, I imagine a still-life with tons of clothes, money and objects that display wealth and opulence. I also imagine a manicured hand with lots of big rings or bracelets putting a minimal amount of money into a beggar’s cup, or something that shows her stinginess even though she has more than enough means for herself and her family.
I will look at the works of Laurie Simmons, Annie Leibovitz and Cindy Sherman for inspiration of narrative. Cindy Sherman will be a great inspiration for this assignment because she shows a lot of female emotion as well as narrative in her images, like the film still of the girl crying with the crumpled note. Annie Leibovitz is also an inspiration for me because she creates amazing and often fantastical scenes that are often over the top but also tell a story.

Photography Proposal 3
Annaleise G.
For my third project, I would like to expand my study of portraiture, but alter my focus to an examination of form and unique composition. I am continually intrigued by the work of Sally Mann, and find her images disturbing but enchanting. Her subjects are very specific, and although I do not plan to take images of young girls, I take my inspiration from her use of light and the way she uses the body and positioning of the figure in her work. I have also been looking at the work of Edward Weston, Lillian Bassman, and Johnathan Coplans. I love how they all uniquely portray forms, like in Coplans’ series of hands and feet, or in Edward Weston’s knee images in his nude series. I hope to focus on form and positioning of the body, like in Lillian Bassman’s work which comes across to me as rather glamorous yet simple and all about delicate forms. I plan on taking images of people willing for me to take their picture, and hope to find a wide range of people to help me develop interesting and different forms. I am very interested in following in the type of imagery Johnathan Coplans creates, and am going to photograph the hands and feet of my parents. I plan to work with a female model and create some silhouettes or shadows while focusing on the composition of the work. I will also consider significant lighting and the potential manipulation of shadows and forms working together. I will try some forms in motion, maybe dancing with a flowy skirt or with all black spandex to enhance the outline of the person. I will then zoom in on the intricacies and forms of parts of the body, like hands and feet. My goal in this project is to really work with nothing but another person to appreciate the beauty of the nature of human forms, but also to focus on good composition with the use of minimal props.

Self Portrait Journal- Week of 1/10

Cindy Sherman, Film Still

Cindy Sherman, Untitled Film Still 3


Lee Friedlander, Self Portrait, 1960's

5.jpg Lee Friedlander, Self Portrait, 1960's

Jonathan Coplans, Body Parts, 1980

Jonathan Coplans, Self Portrait, Interlocking Fingers No. 19

Andy Warhol, Self Portrait

Jonathan Coplans, Self Portrait: Hands Squeezing Knees, 1985

Jonathan Coplans, Self Portrait (Back and Hands), 1984