Natalie Reneau - Student Show


The student art show last night featured a myriad of talent, including photography, graphic design, ceramics, and studio art. As a student of both digital photography and creative writing, our class’s display was particularly interesting. It’s really quite fascinating how people take different things away from artwork, whether it is a different interpretation of narrative or appreciation of subject matter. I am choosing to write about Sophia’s piece, since it is the one that I was assigned to craft a short story upon. I felt lucky and happy when I received Sophia’s picture because the narrative potential was not obvious, but was instead elusive and intriguing. Compositionally, her photograph is full of angles, both straight and diagonal. The composition not only fills the frame nicely, but it also offers a solid balance between darkness and light. Overall, Sophia’s wonderful piece was just one of the accomplished works on our gallery walls, and I would say the show was an enjoyable success.

Sophia Breyfogle -Student Art Show
On April 14, 2011 Madeira hosted a student art show in the C/A gallery. A number of beautiful student pieces were presented, some accompanied by narratives from the creative writing class here at Madeira. The photos were taken independently and then distributed to the writing class, who then created short stories relevant to the images. This photo, by Ines Castillo was an exceptionally interesting piece for a narrative. The objects and lighting in this image give it a memorable composition and wide range of possible stories. The mood in this photo is perhaps its strongest attribute. The art show was a great example of classes at Madeira working together to present unique art experiences. There were many other photo's accompanying Ines's that represented the talent and hard work of the students at Madeira.

Ines Castillo- Student Art Show

On April the 14th I attended the student art show at the Madeira School. I really enjoyed the show because there were many original pieces and there were different mediums used. My favorite section was the photography area. I really liked the photos that had a story written about them because it gives you the perspective of the photo from another student who is not a the photographer. The piece that I liked the most was Natalie Reneau‘s “Dial Tone” I liked the photo mostly because of its creativity and framing. The soft colors also give it a dramatic feel when combined with the unexpected angle. The focal point is obviously the phone but the hand in the left corner which is out of focus also draws some attention and gives some balance to the photo. The texture contrast between her dress and the sleek phone give it an old-fashion taste. It was over all a great show.

Alexis Osei-student show

On April 14, Madeira held its second student art show of the year. There were many impressive pieces at the art show, which featured an array of art work from all mediums. One of my favorite images which I saw that night was of Sophia’s photograph for the creative writing collaboration. I was intrigued by the soft and delicate tones of the image. I also found the set-up of the image interesting as well. The formation seems so simplistic since the picture only shows legs and a window in the background. However, the formation of the picture is unique because of the unusual perspective and focus of the legs. The image gives off a feeling of being comfortable with femininity. It was also interesting to read the story that accompanied the picture because I was able to see Natalie Reneau's interpretation of the image. Because I didn’t necessarily have an idea about the meaning behind the picture, it was insightful to see how someone else’s imagined the meaning.

Sally Swiatek
The student art show was very well done this semester. Everyone really seemed to be enjoying all of the pieces and the narratives. Sophia's mirror image looked gorgeous and the narrative that went along with it was very insightful. The film pieces and the ceramic pieces were all very pretty and unusual, but i thoroughly enjoyed the digital photo/ narrative class section was my favorite. The best part of the combination of classes was proof of how people can interpret an image or a story in so many ways. It was very interesting and I honestly did not think that the narratives would go so much further than they did. In the end, all of the images seemed to have more personality than they originally did. The narratives added a whole new aspect and personality to the image.

Kate Woloshin
The student art show was great this third trimester. Photography, graphic design, painting and sculpture were all well represented by our Madeira artists. One piece that caught my eye, was Micah Park's painting of a sunset. Her painting exhibited great use of light and use of contrasting color. The blue and orange tones really bring out the main subjects of that painting, the sun and the sea. I like how she used the whole canvas, even the sides to produce a great effect.